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  • Forecasting and recommendations
  • Identification, segmentation and analysis of patterns
What we do

Our Mission

We empower small to mid-size CBD retail, healthcare and manufacturing businesses with IT solutions that take the stress out of business growth.

We deliver innovative custom solutions encompassing VoIP, Web development, Mobile Applications, Marketing Campaigns, DevOps, and IT Consulting, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities within these industries. Through combining technical expertise with granular industry knowledge, we help to engage customers, streamline processes and drive growth at scale.

We are customer obsessed! Our goal is to build partnerships that last, earning your trust through exceptional service and product delivery to become your go-to IT solution provider. With our help handling a range of tasks with innovative services, your team is free to focus on what you know best: your business.

How we work

The key to success


Formulation of challenges

- Conduct thorough market research and competitor analysis to identify pain points and opportunities in the Retail, CBD, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries. - Engage with potential clients through surveys, interviews, and focus groups to clearly define their specific needs, challenges, and goals.


Assessment of the current state

- Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current IT infrastructure, systems, and processes of potential clients.
- Analyze existing applications, technology stack, and workflows to identify areas for improvement and optimization.


Business plan creation

- Develop customized IT management and software solutions tailored to address the specific pain points and requirements identified.
- Define clear objectives, milestones, and timelines for the implementation of each solution.
- Create a detailed plan incorporating initial budgets, ongoing operational costs, and projections.


Strategy implementation

- Assemble a skilled and diverse team of IT professionals with expertise in VoIP, Web and Mobile Applications, Marketing Campaigns, DevOps, and IT Consulting.
- Allocate resources effectively to ensure the successful execution of each project.
- Regularly monitor and evaluate progress towards achieving objectives, making adjustments as necessary.
- Maintain open lines of communication with clients, providing regular updates and seeking feedback to ensure their satisfaction and address any concerns.

Our team

Team of professionals

Kevin McIsaac-Smith

CTO, Founder

Kelly MC

Head of F&M

Deborah Walcott-Grappie

Digital Manager

Work with us

What We Do


  • VoIP & IT Management
  • Security Assessment
  • Cloud & Customer Owned VoIP
  • VoIP Integrations
  • Network Failover/HA

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Signage - 4K Video Production
  • Newsletters
  • Program, Product & Menu Promotion
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Traffic Engagement & Analysis
  • Scrum Management
  • Campaigns

Software Development

  • Mobile Applications
  • Robust Security and Data Protection
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Stack
  • Custom Business Website
  • Chatbots

Technology Consulting

We are customer centric in our objectives. Your perceptive value of Shenkson Consulting is what drives our organisation. Please contact us through completing our various surveys across all our products and services.

Managed IT

  • Outsourced IT Management
  • Fiber & CAT6 Cabling
  • Network Security
  • 4G/LTE Failover Internet
  • Offline Battery Backup
  • CBD Retailer IT Agent
  • Enterprise WIFI
  • Network Routing & Switching