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Empowering your business every step of the way! Reliable Managed IT and offline power solutions from UCaaS to Digital Marketing.

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Most of our projects come from these industries

Our projects within the manufacturing industry often involve working with in-house software and embedded system development teams in locally-hosted computing environments. We can help improve efficiency, enhance inventory management and quality control, as well as supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance and multiple other benefits, leading to increased productivity, reduced costs, improved product quality, and greater competitiveness in the market.

Technology management for CBD stores overseeing all technology requirements involving 4-Hour Battery backup for offline power; DVR, Door Access and POS Systems; POS device integrations with Metrc and ERP vendor; Security and Network Cabling and CCC inspection readiness review.

From digitization of patient records to improving patient engagement and empowerment, our effective IT management provides a myriad of benefits that enhance patient care, sharpen operational efficiency, and ultimately, drive better healthcare outcomes. Ensure optimal operation of administrative workflows and networking systems in your business’s delivery of modern healthcare.

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Full spectrum of services

We’ve got what you need! IT Management in heterogeneous OS and device environment. VoIP cloud or CPE phone systems. Virtual Computing with AWS, Azure or on-premise VMWare. In addition, DevOps is ready to swoop to the rescue for development teams and production. We can create and develop mobile apps for custom or niche markets, as well as full-service marketing and campaigning services.

Impossible? We're on it

We prefer planning and controlled outcomes, but our work experiences, insights and combined social capital means we're ready for your impromptu project immersion too.